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Watch a Tesla Model S Plaid Do 62 to 124 MPH in 2.99 Seconds

It was also able to hit 203 mph on the Autobahn.

We all know the Tesla Model S Plaid is almost unbelievably fast at this point. Countless YouTube videos of Plaid owners deforming their passengers’ faces with acceleration have proven its relentless speed over and over again. However, it can get even faster with a bit of weight shedding. Without its backseat, the Model S Plaid in this new video from AutoTopNL is capable of going from 62-124 mph in 3.99 seconds.

Aside from its lack of backseat, this Model S Plaid seems to be stock, which means its three electric motors make 1,020 horsepower and 1,050 lb-ft of torque. While dropping the backseats doesn’t shed a ton of weight—the leather-lined rear seat of a Model S could weigh as much100 pounds—lightening its load even just a little bit seems to make it even more violent than usual.

In the video, the driver takes the Model S Plaid on the German Autobahn, where they’re capable of testing out the upper limits of its performance. During one of their high-speed runs, they were able to record the aforementioned 3.99-second 62-124 mph run. Another one of their runs also completed the quarter-mile in 9.33 seconds. Since this particular Model S Plaid was equipped with the Track Package, it’s capable of cresting 200 mph, which it does in this video as well. It actually hit 203 mph, which is a nutty figure for a four-door family sedan.

I can’t imagine that sort of acceleration being comfortable, as it must feel like being launched off the deck of an aircraft carrier. The car in this video isn’t quite as fast as the one that was cut to pieces by its owner and turned into a 1,020 horsepower go-kart but it isn’t too far off and it’s still a completely functioning car for two passengers. It also has a proper steering wheel, which is far better suited for high-speed driving than the optional yoke.

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