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2023 Audi RS E-Tron GT Gets Record $50K in Lease Discounts Right Now

Audi's electric GT isn't the sales darling the brand likely hoped it to be, and that's translated into some hefty discounts.

“Perfect” may not be one of the operative words we’d use to describe the Audi E-Tron GT. Its some 230 miles of EPA-estimated range certainly leaves something to be desired within the competitive set that also includes the 400-ish-mile Tesla Model S Plaid and less-trackable-but-still-relevant Lucid Air Pure. It’s also a tight squeeze for backseat passengers, though that won’t be a surprise to anyone who’s seen the sedan in profile. But it is fun to drive as far as electric grand tourers go, particularly the high-performance RS version. And if you play your cards right, you could even save up to $50,000 on one right now.

Yes, it seems the German automaker is offering a series of deep discounts on its all-electric GT that, when combined for qualifying lessees, can cut roughly a third off MSRP. The discounts apply to both the regular and RS flavors of the sedan, and some extend to financing as well as leasing. Though, for the maximum benefit, you’ll have to lease an RS model.

Here’s how it works. Right now through the end of October, Audi is promoting $20,000 in customer cash on the RS E-Tron GT, and $12,500 for the non-RS variant. Then there’s the manufacturer’s $7,500 lease credit on EVs, as well as another $5,000 that Costco members (yes) can further save on the purchase or lease of a new premium Audi sedan. Lesser discounts also apply to SUVs and lower-end models too, for those who love to shop in bulk but maybe don’t have six figures to burn on a Porsche Taycan by another name.

That gets us a pretty sizable chunk of change off an RS model—$32,500, to be precise—but there are more savings to be had for certain loyal Audi shoppers. Those who already lease an Audi may qualify for another discount, as part of a program that initially started and ran in California only but has been expanded nationwide in recent weeks. It’s a variable percentage, but it could net an additional 10 to 14 percent off the car, depending on the specific customer and vehicle in question, as well as other conditions.

The RS E-Tron GT starts at $148,595 and the regular E-Tron GT at $107,995, both figures including destination. You can quickly see how Audi’s slate of promotions could land each car within striking distance for the right customer. And they should, because the E-Tron GT is a solid contender in its class. Not the finest, but certainly better than the four-door GT’s 1,060-unit second-quarter 2023 sales figure for the U.S. market would have you believe.

By comparison, Porsche moved 1,635 Taycans over that same timeframe, according to data from GoodCarBadCar. Tesla unfortunately doesn’t report U.S.-specific sales for the Model S, and it also packages S and X sales together in one number, but that automaker reported 19,225 examples of its rather aged premium nameplates delivered globally between April and June of this year. Call it a lack of demand for electric cars or a problem of overambitious pricing, but it’s no wonder EV prices have fallen considerably over the past year, between Tesla’s massive cuts and promotions like these in play.

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