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New Porsche eBikes Now Match 911, Taycan Colors for Pedaling Porsche Purists

Mamba Green Metallic, anyone?

Porsche has been in the eBike business for some time, partnering with electric cycle manufacturer Rotwild, but now it’s expanding its offerings. The Stuttgart automaker is now selling its cycles in bright colors straight off the Taycan and 911 to complement drivetrain hardware from Shimano and adjustable dampers from Fox.

The output of the main drive motor in watts nor the range of the bikes are stated, however, the available 630-Wh battery means the Shimano-supplied motor can output around 62 ft-lbs of torque for an extended time. Several frame sizes are also available, with the smallest shrinking the battery to 504 Wh, which is still a respectable amount of energy.


The most interesting part of these new bikes—perhaps even cooler than the carbon frames—is the colors available. The updated cycles can be had in colors like Ruby Star Neo, Mamba Green Metallic, Carmine Red, and Shark Blue. All of these hues are available on Porsche’s cars, which makes matching the color of your four-wheeled vehicle from Stuttgart to your two-wheel companion very possible.

Other features include an integrated info display, smartphone connectivity, and a head and tail lamp. There are also several trims depending on if you’re more of a road biker or into off-road. The bikes are, of course, Porsche-branded, so all of your friends can know that you have the premier sporty German eBike.

The automaker has yet to release pricing for its new cycles, however they currently cost around $12,000.

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