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Symphonies For Cheap: 1991 Alfa Romeo 164 Busso V6

With an OBO price of $2,500, what's stopping you?

Most of the time, great sounding cars come with a premium. Harmonious V12s feature a luxury tax that’s rarely topped while high-strung V10s typically cost loads in maintenance, ending in a headache for those with the budget to afford them. But what if you could have an all-time favorite like the Alfa Romeo Busso V6 for under three grand? That’s the case here with this 1991 164 sedan.

It may not be reliable or look all that great, but rest assured that you’ll be addicted to the loud pedal. Simple exhaust upgrades really help the 3.0L Busso sing without much effort, making it a budget enthusiast’s choice for those who don’t much care about anything besides sweet music. It has quirky Italian flair, and that’s enough for most.

The 164 sedan only has 86,000 miles and was restored by the car’s previous owner. The paint is in fair condition with mild blemishes to the bumper and trim, but it’s nothing to cause a stir over. Recent maintenance includes a new water pump and belts, showing good signs that the car has been cared for in its lifetime. 


We admit that this isn’t the pride and joy of Alfa’s farewell tour in America, but it ticks all of the boxes you could hope for at the price point. Four doors, a five-speed gearbox, and admittedly clean interior make this an exceptional value for someone looking to enter the Alfisti family.

Sadly, YouTube doesn’t feature many high quality clips of the 164’s exhaust note, so here’s a quick clip of the 3.0L Busso V6 in an Alfa Romeo 75 Milano application. Although it’s a different car, the sweet engine is the same.

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