For Sale: Alfa Romeo Giulia Rollover Special

A 99 percent discount for a Quadrifoglio that rolled, and rolled, and rolled...

The Alfa Romeo Giulia has only been in U.S. dealerships for a few months, but believe it or not, it doesn’t take long for someone to get crossed up behind the wheel of twin-turbo 505 horsepower rear-wheel-drive sedan. And now’s your chance to find some treasure in another man’s trash—COPART, who we last saw auctioning off a gently-used Acura NSX, is offering up a 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio that appears to have rolled over several dozen times on its quick trip from the dealer lot to the salvage yard. But hey, a little “BIOHAZARD/CHEMICAL” damage never hurt anyone, right?

COPART is a damaged (in this case, destroyed) vehicle wholesaler that specializes in buying up cars and trucks that have been written off by insurance companies. It also handles fleet auctions for large companies and government agencies, impounded vehicles, and sometimes private sales, but it’s probably best known for the unique opportunities that occasionally pop up to purchase a smashed-up sports car at a steep, steep discount. Of course, 99 percent off should be par for the course when you’re dealing with something as thoroughly ruined as this Giulia.

Yes, a car that was worth around $80,000 a few days ago is now worth $550 (and counting) thanks to copious amounts of what the listing bluntly describes as “ROLLOVER, BIOHAZARD/CHEMICAL” damage that was incurred in a crash in North Carolina earlier this week. There looks to be not a single piece or panel that’s escaped the carnage, and we can only imagine the speeds involved. But the engine bay looks relatively—and I do mean relatively—unscathed, so you might be able to get some of your money back parting that out. Otherwise, this Giulia’s value can only be measured by scrap weight sadly.