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Alfa Romeo 6C Rumored to Make a Comeback in 2020

Don't get too excited.

Last we heard, Alfa Romeo was planning on having an eight-model lineup by 2020. Currently, there are only three Alfas available in the U.S., the 4C sports car, the Giulia sedan, and the Stelvio crossover. When we imagine an expanding lineup for the luxury brand, it’s easy to imagine more crossovers since utility vehicles are the hot sellers in the luxury world right now. However, a new rumor suggests that Alfa might have something a bit more exciting than just more SUVs in the works.

According to the Facebook page of German tuning shop Pogea Racing GmbH, an “absolute [sic] trustworthy and legit source,” says Alfa Romeo is bringing back the 6C in early 2020. Quick history lesson, 6C was a name used on various Alfa Romeo road, race, and sports cars between 1927 and 1954, all of which were powered by an inline-six engine. The very unofficial rendering pictured below suggests the upcoming 6C could be a sports car that’s a size bigger than the existing 4C.

Unfortunately, all we have right now is speculation. The Facebook post says the new 6C “will be shown probably this or next year” at an auto show. The post went on to say that the unnamed source of the rumor “is very deep into the decisions of the management of Alfa Romeo and all he said in the past became reality.” In an email to The Drive, an Alfa Romeo representative predictably told us he is not able to comment on the rumor.

What do you think the Alfa Romeo 6C could be? A premium grand touring car to compete with the likes of Aston Martin? A four-door luxury “coupe” in the vein of the Audi A7?  Maybe an electrified sports car? Only time will tell what the future 6C could be, and that’s if it happens at all.