All-New Alfa Romeo Model to Debut at 2019 Geneva Motor Show in March

Could it be the seductive sports coupe enthusiast want, or the compact crossover the brand's bottom-line needs?

Alfa Romeo will unveil a new vehicle at next month’s 2019 Geneva Motor Show, a company spokesperson confirmed to The Drive via email. It’s still unclear if the new vehicle will be the long-rumored coupe or a previously leaked compact crossover, but the internet isn’t short on suggestions on what will be under the wraps come March 5.

Rumors about Alfa Romeo’s fourth addition to its lineup of vehicles have been brewing for years, with photos of a Guilia-based coupe and a miniature Stelvio crossover successfully teasing brand loyalist on social media. However, while most enthusiast would love to see the revival of the sleek GTV Coupe or powerful 8C Competizione, chances are the famous Italian brand will opt for a compact crossover that fits right below the Stelvio in the model hierarchy.

According to Autoblog Greece, it will be the latter that will steal the spotlight in Geneva. The report claims that a new compact crossover that will sit on a smaller version of the universal Giorgo platform is ready to go into production, however, it also claims that the new mini Stelvio could sit on the Jeep Renegade’s underpinnings.

It’s too early to speculate about what will be under the hood of the new compact crossover, but if FCA decides to utilize the Renegade platform, it wouldn’t surprise us to see amped-up versions of the Jeep’s 1.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder or 2.4-liter Tigershark being used in the Alfa. Furthermore, Autoblog Greece claims that a plug-in hybrid drivetrain could also make its way to the new Italian.

In October of last year, The Drive’s James Gilboy reported on the rendering of an Alfa-branded crossover uploaded to Twitter by an Alfa Romeo dealership, only to be taken down soon thereafter. Whether that was just a fan-created rendering or an official image, we’ll find out in less than two weeks.