We Can’t Get Enough of Alfa Romeo Commercials Like This One

Titled “Goosebumps”, the description is fitting.

byCaleb Jacobs|
Alfa Romeo News photo

The Giulia has planted the flag for Alfa Romeo's return to the United States. Many expected it to be a flop, but it's been quite the opposite in terms of dynamics, design, and completeness. It's been praised for its platform, proving to be one of the best of our time. The results have been successful enough to bring about a Sprint coupe version set to debut at Geneva.

As you can see from this 30 second clip, Alfa's advertising team has hit the nail on the head. They're experience with passion shows itself here, making us want one even more than before.

Videos like this get us hyped for many more years of Alfa to come. Especially if they keep looking like this.