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You Won’t Believe How Much Blood Is Inside This 2007 Lincoln MKZ at a Salvage Auction

They're not kidding around with that BIOHAZARD label.

As Forrest Gump might say if he were a used car wholesaler, life is like a salvage auction: You never know what you’re going to get. Sometimes it’s a hail-damaged Dodge Hellcat at a steep discount. Other times, it’s an Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio that’s been rolled, and rolled, and rolled…and rolled. And once in a while, you come across something like this 2007 Lincoln MKZ whose unassuming, undamaged exterior hides an interior that’s bloodier than the private box at Ford’s Theatre circa April 15, 1865. 

We will warn you now: The pictures that accompany this Copart listing in Fort Worth, Texas are shocking and disturbing. Based on an extremely amateur forensic analysis, it looks like someone shot themselves in the head while sitting in the driver’s seat, resulting in exactly the kind of grisly mess you’d expect in that situation. Incredibly, the car was somehow processed by police, totaled by the insurance company, and put online for sale without anyone cleaning the interior.


Of course, it’s the cost of a highly specialized cleaning service that forced the insurance company to scrap the Lincoln in the first place, but it’s not every day you see a car that looks like it was towed straight from a crime scene to the auction block. Aside from all the blood and…shall we say, matter, it’s the way the Copart photos mimic every other used car listing online that makes this so surreal. The three interior pictures feature the same exact careless angles and odd cropping you’ve seen a million times before—except for the spatters, smears, and pools of dried blood. It’s like the photographer didn’t even notice.

We had to blur that out ourselves. Trust us, it’s better that way., Copart

Additionally, the listing opens with the usual three-quarter exterior shots where nothing seems amiss, so anyone who’s searching for a screaming deal on a pre-recession, front-wheel-drive sedan would be in for a real surprise. That is, if the car hadn’t already been sold. That’s right: you may have noticed the listing states that someone actually bought this car a few months ago. Hopefully by now it’s been given the world’s most thorough scrubbing, or a new interior entirely.

Just because you can clean something, though, doesn’t mean you should. Even if this car was free, the amount of money or effort needed to rescue that interior wouldn’t be worth the result: a 2007 Lincoln MKZ with 87,572 miles and a dark, dark past.