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Yes, Drive Your McLaren in Snow with Pirelli Winter Tires

McLaren teamed up with Pirelli to create a set of winter tires for its Sports Series.

I used to get into arguments with people all of the time about what I should and shouldn’t do with my car in the Chicago winters. I, for one, liked to freak people out by driving my convertible with the top down during snow storms so they could see my face when I did doughnuts in the streets. Other people thought I was “ruining a nice car” by driving it in the winter. You see, there’s this stigma about sports cars that you’re supposed to pamper them, keep them dry, never drive them in the rain, and baby the gas and brake pedals like there’s a chicken egg underneath them. I say, drive it like you stole it, in all conditions.

Sounds like the lunatics at McLaren agree with me. McLaren has teamed up with Pirelli to create a new winter wheel and tire package for its Sports Series models. The McLaren Winter Wheels and Tires set will feature four fourteen-spoke lightweight forged wheels in a stealth finish, wrapped in Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 winter tires.

The tires were developed by engineers in both companies specifically for the 540C, 570S, 570GT, and new 570S Spider. They come mounted, balanced and ready to rock, allowing owners to quickly swap out their summer set and enjoy cold weather driving. The tires significantly improve performance in poor road and weather conditions. In comparison to the summer tires, the winter shoes are estimated to reduce braking distance by 10 percent in wet conditions and up to 20 percent on snowy roads. Yes, you read that correctly, McLaren just told you how much better your 570 will stock on snowy roads with these tires. That’s the sort of winter wonderland wisdom I love hearing.

Pirelli MC Sottozero 3 tread pattern up close, McLaren

Speaking on the new product Carl Whipp, aftersales director of McLaren Automotive said, Choosing the right type of tire to suit seasonal weather and road conditions should be a priority for every McLaren driver wanting to enjoy their car safely all-year round, Regardless of whether winter tires are a legal requirement, having them ready and waiting on a second set of wheels will allow customers to switch to the optimum tire choice quickly and easily when winter arrives – which is why we have teamed up with our tire partner, Pirelli, to offer the McLaren Winter Wheels and Tires set exclusively through McLaren Retailers.”

You officially have the McLaren stamp of approval to slay all winter tires. Just don’t forget to wash the salt off before you put your McLaren back in the garage.