McLaren Teases Unnamed Variant of Its 570S Supercar

There may be a faster 570S on the horizon.

McLaren Automotive released a still image on Wednesday along with and a short teaser trailer dubbed “the edge is calling” for a special edition of its 570S supercar.

Apparent from the image are aerodynamic tweaks, with the rear bumper chopped in and an aero element added to control the turbulent air coming off the rear wheel. The enlarged diffuser forces a relocation of the 570S’s exhaust, which typically exits low on the rear bumper, just to the inside of the wheel and above the diffuser. As its tips cannot be discerned from the photo, the exhaust could be diverted to the center of the car. Through the top, maybe, à la McLaren Senna?

Mounting for a rear wing is suggested by the dark patch up near the top of the image, lit from the right like the rest of this 570S. The trim piece beneath the 570S’s taillights appears to be modified or removed entirely, displaying some of the new car’s guts.

The teaser trailer for the unnamed supercar confirms only that the car has a flat plane crank V8, judging by the exhaust note, in keeping with the rest of McLaren’s modern road cars. Whether the engine is the 570S’s 3.8-liter M838T or the newer 4.0-liter M840T as found in the 720S is unclear, though it is likely to be the former; the 3.8 is common to all of McLaren’s Sports Series vehicles, upon one of which this supercar will be based.

The product line under which this supercar will be released, be it a new mass-production Sports Series model or a limited-run McLaren Special Operations (MSO) model is unknown.

The Drive contacted McLaren for more information on this unnamed supercar, and we will provide an update when we hear back.

This vehicle will join an existing lineage of special-edition 570S models, which include this year’s Valentine’s Day special and a small run of 570S Canada Commissions, complete with maple leaves. No syrup, though.