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McLaren Announces New P1, Will Cost Just $47

It might be the most adorable, and most affordable hypercar ever made.

Although the McLaren P1 hypercar hasn’t been in production for years, McLaren just announced an all-new variant, called the Foot-to-Floor Edition. It may only be a toy push-car, but it’s officially made by the supercar brand and might be the most affordable McLaren on the market.


Like the Step2 McLaren 570S, the P1 Foot-to-Floor Edition is designed to get even the smallest car enthusiast into McLaren’s luxury performance cars. It will be available this December in Volcano Yellow, retailing at about $47.


Another advantage the F-to-F has over the real P1 is its carbon footprint, as it manages to be even more environmentally-friendly than the high-performance plug-hybrid thanks to a twin-footed, 3-year-old human engine. 


With a 0-60 time of “not gonna happen” and top speed of “whatever the delivery truck can muster” this P1 won’t set any Nurburgring records, but it will put a smile on your little tike’s face during this holiday season.


For older enthusiasts, McLaren also offers the $288 P1 “Ride-on” Edition with full electric power, and a handful of collectible resin models that can cost up to $450.


The P1 Foot-to-Floor Edition is being made as part of McLaren’s extended celebration of the P1’s 5th birthday, as the beautiful hypercar debuted as a mere drawing 5 years ago on September 27th. All 375 P1s were produced by December 2015, paying homage to the vaunted McLaren F1 road car and Formula 1 cars of old. The P1 was the first car in McLaren’s Ultimate Series model group, which will have a new member of the family next year.