McLaren’s Three-Seat Hypercar Will Be Its “Fastest” Street Car Yet

The automaker says the new car will not be a successor to the F1.

byAaron Brown|
McLaren’s Three-Seat Hypercar Will Be Its “Fastest” Street Car Yet


McLaren head Mike Flewitt dished out some new tasty details about the British automaker's upcoming three-seat hypercar while at the Geneva Motor Show this week. According to Flewitt, the BP23 will be the fastest street car McLaren has ever produced, Top Gear reports. But it's not exactly clear what his definition of "fastest" is. 

"...there are many definitions of fastest," said Flewitt to Top Gear. He added, "Could be fastest from 100-200mph… it is very powerful and has very low drag."

Recall that the McLaren F1 was able to manage 240 miles per hour back in the '90s, so we're at least expecting it to have a higher top speed—although after hearing Flewitt talk about this whole "fastest" nonsense, nothing is concrete.

The car will use the same 4.0-liter V8 powertrain that has just debuted in the new McLaren 720S, but the hypercar will add in some some electric bits, too, Top Gear reports. Altogether, it will apparently have more power than the P1.

"The BP23 won’t be the fastest round a track. It’s not a track car. It’s a luxury hyper-GT...And we��re not doing a Chiron here. It has to be a McLaren."

It's no F1.

The boss also said it will not be a successor to the F1. "The P1 is the successor to the F1, and in a few years there will be a successor to the P1."

Flewitt confirmed that customers will begin taking delivery of the BP23 in 2019. In total, only 106 cars will be built—just like with the F1. "There will be no spiders or track versions. That’s it," said Flewitt.

Also, they have all been spoken for. Sorry, folks.