Long Tailed McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante Debuts at Goodwood Festival of Speed

The creators of the street-legal P1 LM have built an F1 Long Tail-inspired car as well.

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Lanzante Limited, the British motorsport company responsible for restoring McLaren road and race cars, has built a new variant of the McLaren P1 GTR that pays tribute to the legendary F1 GTR "Longtail." The Lanzante-designed P1 GT debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Thursday, and it's already everyone's favorite. 

Autocar reports that the P1 GT was commissioned by a Middle Eastern customer and features a new aerodynamic package that lengthens the back of the P1, adds a top-mounted air intake, and replaces its retractable rear wing with a massive fixed one. The P1 GT's rear end doesn't look nearly as long as that of the car it takes inspiration from, though. There's also no word yet regarding any powertrain or weight changes, but Lanzante says it will reveal more details at a later date. 

Lanzante is quite familiar with the F1 GTR Longtail, as it converted a handful of them for road use from factory. In addition, the company's P1 LM prototype set the fastest time for a street-legal car on the Goodwood Hillclimb back in 2016, a record that has yet to be broken.

The P1 GT made its official debut by tackling the hillclimb event on the first day of Goodwood's festivities, as captured in a video posted by Goodwood's YouTube channel. It cuts through the challenging hillclimb course so fast that it almost immediately catches up to a Lexus LC500.  

If you missed the action on Thursday, you can view the P1 GT's run below.  Coincidentally, McLaren debuted its own homage to the F1 GTR Longtail at the Festival of Speed this year, the limited-edition 600LT. Which Longtail tribute do you like better?

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