Watch the McLaren 600LT Shred Its Tires During Public Debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed

McLaren's new long-tail supercar makes its world debut in a cloud of tire smoke.

After its initial reveal last month, the 2019 McLaren 600LT made its official public debut Thursday at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. While a handful of manufacturers used the first day of the prestigious car show and hillclimb event to show off their latest models’ performance, the 600LT made the best first impression of Thursday’s group of “First Glance” cars.

If you missed it live, Goodwood’s YouTube channel has already posted the video of the 600LT’s debut and inaugural run up the Goodwood Hillclimb. Beginning with the traditional tarp unveiling at McLaren’s booth offscreen, the 600LT commences its drive with a massive rolling burnout. Getting tail-happy in the first few corners, the McLaren pauses in the middle of the first major straight for a quick donut session right in front of the Goodwood House, obliterating its bespoke Pirelli P ZERO Trofeo R tires. Stopping again at the Molecomb corner, the 600LT treats us to another burnout, and then finishes the rest of the run shenanigan-free.

The 600LT is the second entry in McLaren’s limited-production Long Tail series, which began with the 675LT, a car built as an homage to the iconic F1 GTR “Longtail” race car. McLaren’s latest LT is based on the 570S Sports Series supercar, making 30 more horsepower and weighing 212 fewer pounds. Production will start this October and each 600LT will cost $240,000.

We were expecting McLaren’s new track-focused supercar to pull off a fast lap at the hillclimb event, but we’ll never complain when a company decides to have some fun and thrash its car. Watch the McLaren 600LT unleash its inner hoon below.