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McLaren 600LT Spider Image Teased Ahead of Next Week’s World Debut

Retractable hardtop meets top-exit exhausts.

McLaren is teasing a new Longtail model scheduled to debut next Wednesday, Jan. 16, although it’s still not clear where the debut will take place. While the company doesn’t explicitly specify what it’s going to debut, recent images released by the automaker make it clear it’s the McLaren 600LT Spider. We can tell this from the body panels, the top-exit exhausts, and from seeing quite a few McLarens in our time.

For those unfamiliar with McLaren road-car nomenclature, this means a drop-top is coming to the 600LT, that car being a lighter, faster, longer-tailed, and more hardcore version of the firm’s 570S Sports Series supercar. It’ll be the fifth McLaren vehicle to get the LT suffix—the first four being the legendary F1 GTR Longtail, 675LT, 675LT Spider, and 600LT Coupe—and be the third new product launched under Macca’s Track25 business plan, a $1.6-billion plot that sees the company introducing 18 new models and have a completely hybrid lineup by 2025.

The 600LT Spider’s production run will only last 12 months. Other than that, McLaren is staying mum for now about its new, green baby. However, we don’t expect its running gear to deviate very much from the Coupe. That car uses a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 592 horsepower, 30 more than the 570S on which it’s based. The 600LT Coupe also sheds 212 pounds from the 570S Coupe’s curb weight. By our math and armchair engineering, the 600LT Spider should still weigh less than the 570 considering the 720S Spider’s drop top only adds 108 pounds. 

The Longtail Sports Series McLaren also gets new suspension and brakes from the 720S, stickier Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires, and those cool-as-all-heck top-exit exhausts. A folding roof should up the supercar’s visual drama even more.