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Listen to Singer-Williams 911 DLS Scream to 9,000 RPM at Goodwood Hillclimb

Chris Harris puts Singer's new $1.8 million, ultra-light 964 to good use.

Nearly a week after the car’s public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed (FOS), we finally have a satisfying clip of Singer Vehicle Design’s new 911 Dynamics and Lightweighting (DLS), which is potentially the restoration shop’s best reimagined 911 yet. Those who watched FOS live have already seen the car in action, but the commentator’s incessant remarks muffled the best part of the car: its exhaust note.

In a video captured by NM2255 Car HD Videos on Monday, “Top Gear” presenter Chris Harris pilots the Singer DLS up the Goodwood Hillclimb, and it sounds fantastic.  Harris almost immediately stalls the DLS in the paddock, but as he’s no stranger to expensive and hard-to-drive performance cars, we blame the car’s finicky ultra-lightweight clutch more than a slip of the foot. After a less dramatic launch on the start line, the rest of the video is nothing but lovely screams and crackling downshifts. 

The 911 DLS is a project resulting from a collaboration between Singer and Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology research and development division of British Formula 1 team Williams. The DLS is based on a 964-generation 911 and is designed to be the ultimate lightweight air-cooled 911, complete with a Williams-tweaked chassis and custom carbon fiber body panels.

That wail erupting from the DLS’ dual exhaust pipes comes straight from a 4.0-liter, naturally-aspirated flat-six. Just like the power plant used in Porsche’s mighty 911 GT3, this engine makes 500 horsepower without any aid from a turbocharger and effortlessly revs to 9,000 rpm.

Singer brought two DLS cars to Goodwood, one to be beat on by auto journalists on the hillclimb and the other for display at the design shop’s booth outside the Goodwood House. The company plans to build 75 of these cars in total, valued at $1.8 million a pop. If you missed the DLS at the Festival of Speed, it will make its North American debut in late August during Monterey Car Week. 

In the meantime, just listen to this Singer 911, well, sing.