Two McLaren Dealerships Commission Custom 720S ‘Design Themes’

First shown during the unveiling of the 720S in Geneva last year, these bold design themes are finally coming to life.

byChris Constantine|
McLaren News photo

When McLaren pulled the wraps off the new 720S supercar at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the brand also announced a handful of "design themes" to showcase the car's breathtaking look. The first theme, "Velocity," went into production almost immediately, and now two more themes are ready for the road. McLaren announced Tuesday that the "Track" and "Pacific" themes have been commissioned by two McLaren dealerships in the United Kingdom.

Featuring an Anniversary White paint job with Carbon Black and Tarroco Orange accents, the 720S Track theme was built as a tribute to McLaren's Formula 1 cars from the 1980s. Every carbon fiber component is finished in satin to save weight, and a titanium harness bar has been fitted to the Jet Black and McLaren Orange interior for track use. This 720S spec was commissioned by McLaren Manchester. 

The 720S Pacific theme was built for McLaren Glasgow and sports a Cerulean Blue paint job featured on the McLaren Formula 1 cars of today, and inspired by the ocean for which its named. The carbon exterior trim is tinted in Cobalt Blue and the door intakes in Estoril Blue. The interior? More blue of course, the standard seats and steering wheel band have been given unique blue inserts. 

“The 720S is an exceptional car in every respect in standard form but there is always the potential to make it even more special with additional, individual, creative input, which is where McLaren Special Operations comes in,” explained Ansar Ali, managing director of McLaren Special Operations. “We were overwhelmed by the reaction to the 720S Velocity at its unveiling and to bring to life two more versions of the MSO 720S Themes portfolio further demonstrates that MSO can fulfill any request to ensure that a car perfectly meets a customer’s vision.”

As these are one-off commissions McLaren won't give us a price, but a normal 720S will set you back $285,000 to start, and the Velocity theme cost an additional $150,000 when it came out originally.