McLaren 720S Totaled Less Than One Day After Delivery

A Virginia man totaled his brand new McLaren 720S near Katie’s Cars and Coffee.

byZachary Hoffmann|


There is something we see all too often in the world of supercars. Over-zealous men with hefty pocketbooks and fair taste in cars purchasing grossly expensive and powerful motorcars...only to wreck them shortly thereafter. 

This story out of Great Falls, Virginia seems to be no different.

According to the Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department, this brand new McLaren 720S has been absolutely obliterated a mere 24 hours after leaving the dealership at which it was purchased. It was an expensive wreck to say the least, as the new 720S has a starting MSRP of $284,745, most being delivered closer to the $300,000 mark. 

The police have yet to declare just exactly what caused the crash, however, they did state in their official Twitter post that it was in fact “...because of speed.” With the McLaren sporting a whopping 710 horsepower, there's no doubt that this could be true.

According to Instagram user “@gun_surgeon,” the driver was airlifted to the local hospital without life-threatening injuries, although it seems as the driver did shatter his arm and does not recall exactly what happened.

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