Supercar Showdown: Bugatti Chiron and Tuned McLaren 720S Face-Off on the Drag Strip

Can the McLaren 720S hold onto its unstoppable reputation when pitted against a Bugatti Chiron?

byElizabeth Puckett|
Bugatti News photo

During a recent racing event in Germany, a Bugatti Chiron and tuned McLaren 720S went head-to-head in a fight for the fastest speed. While the 720S has less power, it’s built quite the reputation for holding off cars far more powerful than it is in straight-line contests. However, the Chiron is nothing to mess with, as seen in this recent YouTube video

Besides being the car Ice-T was driving when he was arrested for toll evasion this week, the McLaren 720S is an internet hero for beating more powerful cars, mainly due to its lightweight construction. This particular twin-turbo 4.0-liter example has been modified to make 861-horsepower, so quite a bit more than the stock 710 hp. On the other hand, the Bugatti Chiron is churning out 1,500 hp, so nothing shy of an act of God is going to tilt this race in the McLaren’s favor—at least initially. 

There’s not much to tell about the finish line from the perspective of the starting line, as is the case with almost all single POV race videos floating around the internet, but the mile-per-hour results are briefly shown on the screen after the races end. To no one’s surprise, the Chiron powers through to higher speeds during both rounds of racing. The McLaren 720S reaches 182.99 mph and 184.05 mph, with the Bugatti beating it by a significant margin at 201.57 mph and 203.68 mph, respectively. 

This specific event in Germany is an acceleration competition which attracts high-end sports cars and supercars with other exotics joining the stable alongside the McLaren and Bugatti. It’s a roll racing event to 1,000 meters (0.62 miles) and a perfect venue to pit extremely powerful cars against each other to see which ones have the highest speed as the crow flies.