Winter Is Coming, It’s Time For Our Northern Car Enthusiasts to Switch Over to Winter Rides

We may have had longer season of warm weather, but winter is coming...

Subaru WRX’s and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution’s are all great enthusiast rides, but no matter your love level with cars, owners who daily drive them do so for their ability competently handle four seasons. Rear-wheel-drive car owners like myself usually throw winter tires on their cars or try using some no-season tires to survive the winter. Regardless of if you have all-wheel-drive, rear-wheel-drive, or even front-wheel-drive, if you daily drive your enthusiast ride and live in the northern areas, your car will undoubtedly get hit with salt and the road grime of winter. This is why car enthusiasts begin contemplating getting more winter capable vehicles such as trucks, SUV’s, or building some crazy overlander build in between. 

It is funny how the weather changes car enthusiast emotions. The talks of track days turn to talks of surviving salted roads. The talks of that perfect 2JZ engine swapped BMW E46 track car build shift into sending each other used TRD Pro Tundras, TRD Pro 4Runners, or Ford Raptors in our price range and even crazy overlander builds on other models. 

If you live below this line, you probably have no idea what I am talking about., Google Maps

I have found that the beginning of the cold also brings back memories of how you survived the snow the year before and the year before that. I was recently thinking about my time with my first car in the snow – a Gen 5 Camaro SS. Heck, thinking about the times driving it in the snow brought back so much overall nostalgia that I took sometime and dug up a bunch of pictures of it and made a montage video. I once got caught out in roughly 4-5 inches of snow with summer-only tires – yeah, don’t do that.   

Danny Korecki

Let’s face it, everyone has their lottery winning garage made up in their mind. My exotic will be A. My track car will be B. My winter beater will be C. My daily driver will be D. And my truck/hauler will be E. However, reality dictates that most of us will have to daily drive their “enthusiast car.” That does not stop the thoughts of that perfect winter truck or overlander build.

If you daily drive your enthusiast vehicle year round and share these “winter emotions”, what alternate vehicles do you normally find yourself Googling this time of season? I would love to hear about it in the comments below or in the Facebook comments.