The Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Trim Might Be the Most Falsely Advertised Feature in Used Car Sales

Finding a Toyota Tundra TRD Pro is exceedingly difficult due to so many falsely advertised base trucks which claim to be the top-spec model.

Toyota News photo

When browsing for their next car or window shopping online, many find that there is an overwhelming problem of sellers falsely advertising features to allure more customers to their product. Whether it be ticking the "manual transmission" box when the vehicle actually features a dual-clutch transmission or something of the sort, it happens all too often. Additionally, I believe some cars have another problem—rampant “up-trimming”. This is an issue that can be found across the web, specifically with the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro.

It happens every year around this time. Living in the Northeast and daily driving any enthusiast car through four seasons and the snow/salt has you searching trucks and overland-capable vehicles in the winter. As a result, I found myself window shopping Toyota’s TRD Pro offerings in the Tundra and 4Runner models. Fans of Tundras and 4Runners know that having a TRD Packaged Toyota is one thing, but having a TRD Pro is another level. The TRD Pro series, specifically on a Tundra, can be compared to a Ford Raptor, but with the dial turned to slightly tame.

When I search for my next potential purchase, I typically use, but this issue can be seen on any car searching platform. On, I selected Toyota, then Tundra, then just set it to unlimited miles from my zip code. On the right, I selected TRD Pro under “Trim” and what the search gave me was comical. Automatically, defaults to 20 most relevant listings (Relevance: Best Match) on the first page of your search. On my search of the 20 that appeared, only four were a TRD Pro trim leveled Tundra at first glance.

None of these are TRD Pro trimmed Tundra's,

That means 16 non-TRD Pro Tundras which were incorrectly marked, and all 16 were dealer listed trucks. Who are they fooling?

The Tundra's brother in arms, Toyota's 4Runner TRD Trim, does also get the same treatment, but not near as much as the Tundra. You can find this “up-trimming” problem occasionally on other vehicles as well. A Camaro V6 advertised as an SS, a Mustang V6 advertised as a GT, but I don't think any other vehicle has it as bad as a Tundra TRD Pro.

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