Toyota Tundra TRD Sport and Sequoia TRD Sport Go Aggressive

Looking tough is half the battle. Or maybe the whole battle in the Toyota Sequoia’s case).

byMax Goldberg|
Toyota News photo

Looking “tough” is half the battle for most truck and SUV manufacturers. The vast majority of owners will never take their vehicle offload, but they want it to look mean and “country capable” when parked outside Best Buy.So SUV manufacturers are sprucing up their lineups with off-road trims in hopes of boosting sales. Toyota is the most recent culprit, with the new TRD trims on the Tundra and Sequoia (yes, Toyota still makes that). 

Both vehicles will receive off-road-inspired TRD parts that will debut at the Chicago Auto Show. The new Sequoia TRD Sport model will get a new front and rear bumper, LED headlights and taillights, blacked-out rims and grille and black badging.

Tundra and Sequoia Set to Get Tough Cosmetic Changes

Unfortunately, the Sequoia will not be getting any actual off-road parts, more of just a cosmetic look. Still, as we said before, it will look nice parked among droves of luxury SUVs.

The Toyota Tundro TRD Sport will get similar cosmetic treatments as the Sequoia, but it will also get the pessary off-road parts to match the look. The 2018 Tundra TRD Sport will have Bilstein shocks, TRD front and rear sway bars, tubular sidesteps and other goodies.

Both vehicles are expected to hit dealerships in September.