This 1966 Lincoln Continental with a Shelby GT500 V8 is an All-American Badass

Two of Ford's finest creations in their respective eras come together in a beautiful restomod.

The guys at Divers Street Rods in Sultan, Washington have taken two iconic Ford products separated by about 50 years and joined them together into one gorgeous creation. They took a 1966 Lincoln Continental, widely considered one of the most beautiful American sedans of all time, and stuffed a supercharged, DOHC, 32-valve, 5.8-liter Trinity V8 under the hood. The result is simply and appropriately named “Bad Ass Lincoln.”

The Trinity engine is from the 2013-2014 Ford Shelby GT500, which is still the most powerful Mustang ever produced by Ford. In stock form, this bruiser of an engine makes 662 horsepower which is quite a bit more than the 526-horsepower Voodoo V8 in the current Shelby GT350.

Divers Street Rods

Not satisfied with just 662 horsepower, Divers Street Rods added a bigger pulley to push the engine over 700 hp. Instead of the six-speed manual found in the GT500, this Lincoln is equipped with a Ford 4R100 four-speed automatic found in Ford Super Duty trucks which links up to a Ford 9-inch rear end.

The most obvious aesthetic modification to this Continental is the stance. It turns out stance isn’t just for the import tuner crowd. Drivers Street Rods heavily modified the suspension and floor of the Lincoln to make it a bona fide low-rider sitting on massive black rims emblazoned with white Lincoln logos and wrapped skinny tires. What’s less obvious is the B-pillar delete and addition of window glass from a Continental convertible. It’s all topped off with a matte black paint job.

This Lincoln is more of a cruiser and a show car than a drag strip toy. As much as we wish it had more meat on the rear tires so it could rip burnouts like it was seemingly made to do, this blacked out American sedan is just as cool riding low and slow as it would be rocketing down the quarter mile.

Skip to 2:28 of the video below for a walkaround of the Bad Ass Lincoln.