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Watch This Racy, 5-Cylinder Volkswagen Tiguan Scream Along the Nurburgring

A Dubber's ultimate daily driver.

Volkswagen has been caught testing what appears to be an R-variant of its new Tiguan at the Nurburgring. While souped-up SUVs are all the rage right now, this hot crossover seems to have a trick up its sleeve—in the form of a harmonious Audi-derived five-cylinder, with a sound that could wake the dead. Although the manufacturer has remained quiet, on the subject VW did confirm to Autocar recently that a Tiguan R will be produced, and this sighting gives us hope that it will be something truly special.

At first glance, the prototype looks to be a range-topper with upscale features not found on current Tiguan models. Big-bore dual tailpipes are fitted out back, and aggressive accents from front to rear hint that it’s something much more than the traditional family hauler. It shares the MQB architecture with its Golf R stablemate, so you can likely expect some parts to leak over from the hot hatch.

Unlike the 2.5L TFSI five-pot found in the Audi RS3 and TT RS, the engine found testing seems to hail from the European brand Seat’s motor family. This will keep power in check, probably clocking in somewhere close to that of the Golf R’s 292-horsepower 2.0-liter engine. While it’s surprising that VW isn’t simply opting for the Golf’s four cylinder, we can’t help but be a bit excited for the odd-number inline lump that Audi has been known for.

The car sported registration from both Volkswagen’s native Wolfsburg, as well as Audi’s home of Ingoldstadt, Germany, further supporting the evidence of a collaboration between the two.

There’s no news if this Tiguan R will be making its way across the pond to the States…but seeing as we Americans love anything and everything SUV, there’s a possibility that VW could introduce it to our shores.