Matt Farah Drives Petrolicious’s 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV in Latest ‘One Take’

The Smoking Tire host drives a classic Italian sports coupe to give us a taste of the ultimate Alfa lifestyle.

byChris Constantine|
Matt Farah Drives Petrolicious’s 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV in Latest ‘One Take’

In the second episode of the "One Take" Alfa Romeo trilogy, Matt Farah takes a drive in Petrolicious's Alfa Romeo GTV 2000. Afshin Behnia, owner of Petrolicious, has been gracious enough to give Matt three Alfas from his personal collection to cruise the canyons with. In the first episode, Matt learned about the magic of classic Italian roadsters in Afshin's original 1967 Duetto, so it was only fair that the second iteration be a tastefully modded, track ready sports coupe from a different decade.  

This small series is certainly a departure from TheSmokingTire's modern custom car spotlights, as Matt ventures further into the vintage realm.

Mr. Behnia is a self-professed Alfista, meaning he is obsessed with Alfas—and his collection certainly reflects his infatuation with the machines. This also means that he's the right man to talk to in order to get a glimpse into (and better understand) the Alfa Romeo lifestyle. He explains the difference between the GTV and the GTA, as us Alfa novices tend to get those cars confused. Sporting a 2.0-liter engine putting out about 150 horsepower, light underhood modifications, and track goodies such as grippy tires and a roll cage, this car is ready for both Pebble Beach and Laguna Seca alike. 

Be warned however, the Alfa Romeo disease is contagious: Matt has clearly been infected after driving this GTV. If Mr. Farah experiences symptoms such as browsing online for vintage Italian cars for more than four hours, we advise he see a doctor immediately.