BMW Expands Electric Car Production Plans

The brand's "Tesla killer," known as the BMW iNext, is set for a 2021 release.

Looks like the scare tactics did its job. The BMW Group released a press release today outlining its plans to expand and focus on what they call “electro-mobility.” That’s electric cars, in non-PR-speak. Specifically, it intends to double down on electric production in its Dingolfing and Leipzig plants in Germany, with the changes eventually trickling down to BMW factories worldwide. 

The primary focus will be on the Tesla Model S-rivaling BMW iNext project, which the company now aims to be built in Dingolfing for a late 2021 release. In addition, the Mini EV and a fully electric X3 crossover are set to join the i3 in Leipzig in 2019 and 2020, respectively. 

According to Electrek, BMW says it would like to produce electric components such as batteries and electric motors in-house, rather than rely on external suppliers like many of its peers. (For example, LG makes almost all of the electric components that go into the Chevrolet Bolt.)

In regards to the mission-critical iNext vehicle, Dingolfing plant head Dr. Andreas Wendt had this to say: “With its pure-electric drive train, larger dimensions and new technologies, such as autonomous driving and digital connectivity, the BMW iNEXT will be a real innovation driver. We are proud to have the opportunity to build this car here in Dingolfing. This year, we will be celebrating BMW’s 50th anniversary in Lower Bavaria. For me, the BMW iNEXT clearly signals the start of a new era and our intention to make the next 50 years just as successful.”