Chevrolet Bolt EV Owners Have Already Traveled 4,570,300 Miles

The Bolt EV has already saved 175,000 gallons of gas in just five months.

Chevrolet’s new electric crossover, the Bolt EV, has been out since December 2016 and the manufacturer has sold 3,492 units during that time. It appears that early owners have come to love their Chevrolet Bolt EV as they have logged a collective 4,570,300 miles as of April 2nd, 2017. Going off the country’s 26 mpg average, the Bolt EV has saved 175,000 gallons of gas in less than five months.

As many of you have read before, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV has an impressive range of 238 miles, but perhaps more impressive is how the first 3,492 owners are averaging 53 miles per day. Although this may not be groundbreaking for parts of the U.S. where some commutes are an hour each way, it’s nice to see owners exhibiting little range anxiety. As Steve Majoros, director of marketing, Chevrolet cars and crossovers put it, “our early Bolt EV customers are proving the crossover’s functionality, flexibility and long-range capabilities on a daily basis.” 

Bolt EVs are currently being sold in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington and Virginia. The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV starts at $37,495, but really costs $29,995 after federal tax credit ($27,995 including New York tax credit).