GM Builds 150 Next-Generation Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt EVs at Orion Assembly Plant

This is the first set of autonomous vehicles built on the assembly line of a mass-production facility.


Many automotive manufacturers are racing to create self-driving cars, but GM can now claim to stand out ahead of the pack in at least one key respect: General Motors is the first automotive manufacturer to build a significant number of autonomous vehicles in a mass-production facility. Using the Orion, Michigan Assembly Plant, GM has built 130 next-generation autonomous Bolt EVs for testing in various markets, the company announced in a press release on Tuesday

The 130 new autonomous Bolt EVs will be tested in San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Detroit, to explore various driving environments. The Bolt EV stands as a solid platform for autonomous vehicles, as the vehicle has a 255-mile range in the city and has a comparatively simple drivetrain compared to traditional gas-powered cars. 

The next-generation autonomous vehicle technology built into the new Bolts includes LIDAR, cameras, sensors, and other hardware necessary to ensure safe operation at all times. GM and its Cruise Automation division will have a total autonomous fleet size of 180 Chevy Bolt EVs—testing with which began back in June of 2016.