Exploring The Wild Technology Of The 991.2 Turbo

“This is closer to a spaceship than a car”

byBradley Brownell|
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Porsche's 911 Turbo has been a technological wonder since the beginning, being one of the very first turbocharged enthusiast cars ever all the way back in 1976. Since then Porsche has been on a never-ending development curve to make their 911 Turbo one of the fastest production Porsches ever, and certainly one of the fastest accelerating cars of all time with the current Turbo S jumping from standstill to sixty in as little as 2.8 seconds, and that's without the assistance of instant-on electric power. You can choose from either 540 horsepower in the standard Turbo or 580 horsepower in the Turbo S. There are more powerful cars out there, but Porsche's technology really makes the difference. 

The new Turbo (991.2) is largely based on the old Turbo (991.1) platform, but in addition to the extra power it receives a new watercooled front differential, a wider rear track, larger brake rotors (16.1 inches front when PCCB is fitted, which is standard on Turbo S models), and rear wheel steering to make the car feel smaller and more nimble at low speeds and longer and more stable at high speeds. This technological wizardry makes the new 911 Turbo a better car in pretty much every way, which is impressive because the 991.1 Turbo was already pretty damn good. 

This video from Moto-Man on YouTube walks you through some of the changes between the 'dot one' and the 'dot two' cars. Check out the video, you might learn a thing or two about Porsche's technologically advanced Turbocharged marvel. 

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