Only Street-Legal Porsche 935 Ever Made Is for Sale in Germany

The car was first made road-worthy by Walter Wolf, former part-owner of the Williams racing team.

byTalon Homer|
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Cartique, an exotic car dealer in Pleidelsheim, Germany, currently has a listing for a 1979 Porsche 935 Kremer K3. As a Le Mans racer, the 935 is rare in its own right, but this example has been made more so with the addition of turn signals to make it road-worthy. The modifications were ordered by the car's original buyer, business tycoon and former Williams racing team co-owner Walter Wolf.


German race car builder Kremer carried out the task of turning the 935 into a street-legal car but claims it kept the supercar 98 percent identical to its racing counterpart. Besides the addition of lights, the company had Goodyear custom-make street tires that would fit the 935's original wheels. Under the bodywork, the car retains its Le Mans-spec 2.8-lite,r twin-turbo flat-six making 740 horsepower, as well as a tall-ratio four-speed manual gearbox.


Despite its extreme looks, the 935 was still based on Porsche's 911 chassis and represented the ultimate version of the platform at that time. The car was also one of the manufacturer's first forays into turbocharging, and some of its technology would be applied to the road-going Porsche 930 Turbo. Some 930 owners would even modify their cars with a "slant nose" front end, giving them some resemblance to the 935 race car. More recently, Porsche itself decided to create a new model in homage to the Le Mans racer, unveiling a modern 935 based on the 991-gen architecture.


According to Cartique, Kremer ran a top speed test on the Autobahn before handing off the 935 to Walter Wolf, achieving an insane 238 miles per hour. Wolf paid about $800,000 for the car back in 1980, but never got much use out of it. Perhaps driving a Le Mans-winning car to the country club is more fun in theory than in practice.

 In 1986, he sold the 935 to Swiss collector Angelo Pallavicini, who in turn sold it to Cartique in 2013. The dealer lists the car with about 6,300 miles, and will only disclose its asking price to interested buyers. It's a safe bet, however, that this 935 is valued deep into seven-figure territory.

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