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What Makes An Aircooled Porsche ‘Rudyfied’?

Rudy Mancinas is an interesting sort of Porsche enthusiast, and every car he owns has to be perfectly customized to his tastes.

Every car enthusiast worth their salt has a list of favored modifications that they have to do to every car they own. In general, every car can be made better with some suspension tweaks, an aftermarket exhaust, maybe a nice aftermarket steering wheel, and some better tires. Rudy, however, likes to do all of that and then some. Rudy collects 993 and 964 Porsches, aiming to get one in every color he possibly can (as well as BMW 2002s and E30s). When you have dozens of cars, you have to make each one stand out in its own way. He plays with colors, he loves color-matched hard-back sport seats and deviated complementary color seat belts and brake calipers. They’re unique, to say the least. And each one is equipped with a Fister Stage III exhaust to make its bark match its bite.  

In the case of the car shown here, Rudy has equipped this C4S with an orange accent color to match the turn signal lights. The seatbelts are orange, the calipers are orange, and even the little “S” segment of the C4S emblem on the back of the car is orange. Standing in stark contrast to this beautiful metallic blue color, the orange really sets the car on fire. A set of Euro Turbo intake ducts sit where the car’s running lights would normally be. This is one of Rudy’s favorite cars to drive out of his dozens in the warehouse, and it’s easy to see why. A few other examples of Rudyfied cars can be seen in the video, including his purple 964 with acid green accents. That doesn’t seem like a combination that would work well, but it somehow does. 

And, in case you have not yet seen the eGarage video that was mentioned above, treat yourself to this beautiful piece here. 

What do you think of Rudy’s particular set of modifications? Would you build your aircooled 911 in a similar fashion, or do you have your own recipe?