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Watch a Ford Fusion Flip and Keep Driving As the Police Give Chase

Even in spite of a double (or even triple) roll-over, this Ford just keeps on going.

High-speed pursuits are dangerous for all involved, especially since only one person in the ordeal is trained to operate a vehicle at high speeds. In this video from this past weekend, we see man reported by authorities to be 18-year-old Malik Deshai Shoulders flying down Interstate 20 at over 105 miles per hour with an officer from Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office pursuing close behind.

Shoulders appears to be driving a first-generation Ford Fusion during the pursuit and he is certainly pushing his car to the limit. While attempting to exit US-601, Shoulders appears to roll his vehicle two or three times but somehow manages to get the car going again. Heavily damaged and with a possible flat tire, Shoulders continues to pull away from the cruiser. Eventually, the officer states that Shoulders has“10-50’d” (police-speak for “wrecked”) and that is when the pursuit finally comes to a stop.

From the audio recording, it sounds like they had to break the window to get access to Shoulders who was blaring music at the time of the arrest. The only reason we mention the music is because it’s impressive that the audio system was still working. Well done, Ford.