Watch Ohio Police Chase 10-Year-Old Boy in High-Speed Pursuit Through Cleveland

Hopefully, this kid turns out to be more “Ricky Bobby” and less habitual offender.

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Oct 27, 2017 1:09 PM
Watch Ohio Police Chase 10-Year-Old Boy in High-Speed Pursuit Through Cleveland

10 year-old boys can get pretty wild and hyper if left alone, but usually that results in making a bike jump out of a piece of wood and recycling bin. Unfortunately that was not the case for one Cleveland, Ohio boy as he recently stole his mother's boyfriend's car. 

The incident took place around 8:30 am when the boy was waiting for his sister to drive him to school. After getting "bored" the boy gained access to the vehicle and decided to go a joyride (his second in two weeks). Frantic, his mother called 911 and began following the daredevil. At one point police were able to drive alongside the boy and motion for him to pull over. The boy shook his head and quickly accelerated, a bold move that turned the incident into a dangerous situation. According to police and fellow travelers, the boy sped up to approximately 100 mph throughout the hour-long chase.

At one point, the boy goes onto the shoulder of the highway to avoid a spike strip, police then box the driver in, preventing him from re-entering the highway. Eventually, a Ford Intercepter Utility intentionally comes in contact with the vehicle in order to bring it to a stop. 

Due to the age of the driver, police did not unholster their weapons when removing the 10 year-old boy. After ordering the boy to roll down the window, troopers pulled him out as he was allegedly kicking and spitting at them. The boy was briefly detained in the back of a patrol car. We really hope this pattern of criminal behavior ends here as grand theft auto at the age of 10 isn't exactly the right way to start your life.