Watch a 6-Year-Old Boy Attempt to Steal His Family's Car

It's almost scary thinking about how close this child nearly got to making off with the car. 

A recently uploaded YouTube video shows just how close one Chinese boy nearly got to driving away in his family's car and potentially endangering himself and everyone around him. 

The clip, shared by RT on Tuesday, shows a small boy running around a parking garage in China's Guangdong on Saturday all by himself. That by itself is a scary...but then things get even more worrying when you see the child unlock and open the doors to a parked car. 

Where were this kid's parents?

The most concerning part of the video to us here at The Drive is when the child manages to move the car forward and backward all by himself. 

"He is kind of smart and good at observing," said the child's mother to TVNZ. "When he sits in the back seat, he will watch how I operate the car. I have never at all taught him how to drive a car."

Check out video of the incident below.