Nine-Year-Old Steals Two Cars in Three Days, Goes on High-Speed Police Chase, Crashes Into House

A Jeep Cherokee and Honda Civic were the victims of the delinquent Nebraska child.

byChris Teague| UPDATED Jul 11, 2019 5:39 PM
Nine-Year-Old Steals Two Cars in Three Days, Goes on High-Speed Police Chase, Crashes Into House

A nine-year-old boy is in big trouble after police in Grand Island, Nebraska say he stole multiple cars, crashed one of them into a house, and spat on a police officer while yelling racial slurs.

According to, the boy isn’t being identified because, you know, he’s nine, but he was given a ticket and released back to his parents. Before the theft, police received calls of suspicious activity, which turned out to be the young perp riding his bike in the middle of the street. When officers told him to stop, he sped away on his bike and eventually ditched it in a different neighborhood. Not too long after that, a nearby resident told police that the boy had stolen his 2007 Honda Civic from his driveway, which was left unlocked with the keys inside.

The boy was found a short time later, thankfully driving slowly, but crashed into a home a couple of miles down the road. Grand Island Police Captain Jim Duering said “It went downhill from there,” as the boy locked himself in the car. Officers had to break a window to get him out, at which point he began yelling racial slurs at a Hispanic officer, spitting on him at some point during the process.

Think it ends there? The same boy was arrested two days later—this time for stealing a Jeep Cherokee. Unlike his first offense, police found him driving pretty fast this time, running red lights and swerving around, according to KSNB. The police eventually stopped the pursuit for safety reasons.

Police found a knife in the boy’s possession the first time around, but couldn’t detain him for long because of his juvenile status. Now, police say they are working with local and state officials to determine what to do with the boy. Hopefully, the kid can get some help to get him back on track because as Duering, he's never seen someone so young “with this level of hostility and seriousness of offenses.”

When I was nine, I broke a window while throwing rocks in the back yard—a far cry from this kid’s rampage—and it earned me two weeks of parentally-imposed house arrest. Had I stolen two cars and fought the police, I would've been grounded for life. All jokes aside, we certainly hope someone can step in and mend this kid's ways.