5-Year-Old Who Stole Parents’ Car to ‘Buy a Lamborghini’ Gets Ride In Real Lambo

What’s more, a California company also offered to fly him out and let him drive one.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED May 6, 2020 5:18 PM
5-Year-Old Who Stole Parents’ Car to ‘Buy a Lamborghini’ Gets Ride In Real Lambo

A five-year-old Utah boy achieved notoriety this week after he was caught driving his parents' Dodge Journey to California to buy a Lamborghini, after his parents cruelly refused to buy him one. Thankfully, he only made it three miles away from home and didn't hurt anyone but the story apparently attracted enough eyeballs to help the boy achieve his dream of getting to ride around in (and eventually drive) a real-life Lambo.

Just a day after being pulled over by the Utah Highway Patrol, the boy and his family received a visit from Jeremy Neves, the owner of a matte black Lamborghini Huracan who offered the young and determined Utahan a ride in his V10 supercar, according to FOX 13 News Utah.

"I don't wanna condone kids taking cars and getting in trouble or breaking the law but the success principles that he displayed were magnificent to me," Neves told FOX 13

The news outlet also reveals that the five-year-old, not so surprisingly, "spends hours watching Lamborghini videos online," something we suspect most of our readership can closely relate to. As for something most people probably can't relate with, a California business has apparently offered to fly out the young Lambo fan (and, presumably, a chaperone or two) so he can actually get the behind the wheel of a real, live Lamborghini and drive it—with supervision, of course, and in a controlled environment.

Being flown to far-flung, sunny locales to drive fast cars on private property on somebody else's dime? If he's not careful, we might just have another bonafide car journalist on our hands—and we all know the world doesn't need any more of those.

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