Wrenching Heroes Build World’s Only Lamborghini Huracan With Manual Transmission

Better yet, it’s got the gated six-speed from a first-gen Audi R8.

byChris Teague|
Builds photo

The automotive Youtube personalities at B is for Build are well underway with their manual transmission-swapped Lamborghini Huracan project—and if they’re successful, it'll be the first of its kind. Coming from the factory exclusively with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, the Huracan was never built to accept a row-your-own gearbox; but that's soon to change as these guys drop in a gated six-speed manual from an Audi R8.

The channel has many Huracan-focused videos and projects underway, so it’s not all that surprising to see another one hit their upload list. As the video begins, we see that the car has already been stripped nearly bare. The guys get to work removing the dual-clutch gearbox to start making way for the six-speed unit. The transmission tunnel has to be drilled to accommodate a shifter, as the Huracan’s center console isn’t in any way meant to house an actual gear lever. 

Assuming they get it working properly, the setup will be a sweet one. As the video comes to a close, we see that the job of installing the new gearbox and the shifter are nearly complete, but the shifts are rough and need tuning. And then there’s also the job of reassembling the entire car after that.

As one of the presenters explains, they’ve been the beneficiaries of quite a haul of promotional products from ECS Tuning and Mullins Auto. Many of the parts they’re using are both very hard to find and extremely expensive—the cheapest OEM transaxle from an R8 for sale on eBay right now is nearly $12,000. At least the guys do all of the work themselves.

B is for Build has amassed nearly 1.1 million followers on their YouTube channel, where they buy roached exotic cars and rebuild them from the ground up. Currently, there’s an R35 GT-R, an LS-swapped Huracan, and an M5-powered 240Z underway, among many other vehicles the group has completed.