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Five-Year-Old Steals Mom’s Car to Buy Lamborghini His Parents Refused to Get Him

Next time your kids throw a fit, hide the car keys.

We’ve all been there—you get into a fight with your parents over something you want but mom or dad won’t get for you. It happens. Surprisingly, a five-year-old Utah boy let his anger get the best of him when he reportedly stole his family’s Dodge Journey to go buy the Lamborghini supercar his mom refused to buy for him.

According to a tweet by the Utah Highway Patrol, the boy was stopped by a state trooper who initially suspected an impaired driver when he noticed the Journey swerving on the left lane of a major highway. Judging by the video, the kid wasn’t exactly driving like Mario Andretti, but he did a surprisingly good job up until he got pulled over. I mean, have you ever seen kids his age drive at the local fair? It’s not pretty.

The kid reportedly told the trooper that he’d been in an argument with his mother because she declined to purchase him a new Lambo, so he’d set out to California to buy his own. Sadly, he only made it three miles, far short of his Golden State destination, but luckily he didn’t hurt himself anyone else. The Highway Patrol is still in talks with the boy and his family although it’s unclear if anyone will be charged for the dangerous joyride.

Of course, you must admire this kid’s dedication. Something inside all of us wishes we could just hit the road and go buy a Lamborghini, but very few of us can actually afford to do that—much like that kid. Officers say he only had $3 in his wallet, so about a few hundred-grand short.

This isn’t the first underage joyrider we’ve reported on, but he is the first to attempt to go on a multi-state voyage to buy a six-figure supercar. The previous one was an eight-year-old German kid who took his mom’s VW Golf on the Autobahn for a high-speed run down the famed highway. At least the young Lambo-seeker appeared to be traveling at a reasonable rate of speed.

 h/t: KSL News Radio