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Russell Westbrook Debuts Car-Themed Clothing Line

The basketball star chose an automotive shop in his hometown to introduce his designs to the public.

Blue, pink and green neon clocks and BMW signage adorned the walls, while three pristine BMW M3 models were on display, along with racks of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants in neutral and neon hues.

This was the scene of Oklahoma City‘s Penn Automotive repair shop, the venue basketball superstar Russell Westbrook chose to launch his car-themed clothing line, “Honor the Gift.”

The casual clothing features details such as racing stripes, the word “caution,” and Westbrook’s birth year, “1988.” The collection, which ranges from $20-$100, respectively, will be available via the Honor the Gift website starting November 21, and Westbrook plans to create pop-up shops later in the year.

Penn Automotive’s manager, Jennifer Quan, was honored that the designer and Oklahoma City Thunder point guard chose her family’s repair shop after perusing three other venues. 

“They were originally thinking of renting out an art gallery, but it would have been a blank canvas,” Quan said. Penn Automotive’s neon lights and checkerboard floors provided the perfect vintage feel to complement Westbrook’s collection. “This was a once in a lifetime type of thing,” she said. 

Quan then worked with Westbrook and his design team to create a laid-back event that epitomized the relaxed vibe of the clothing. Customers received special Valet-inspired tickets and were given 15 minutes to shop. A DJ spun rap and hip-hop music and Westbrook greeted and talked with fans. 

“Westbrook is such a huge celebrity, and I think it was just really cool for them to shop and he was just hanging out, saying hi to everybody.”

Westbrook’s management declined to comment about the collection.