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Buy This 244-MPH, Five-Second Chevrolet S10 Drag Racing Pickup Truck and Live Your Best Life

If you need to ask how much it costs, you probably can't afford it.

Arguably the baddest Chevrolet S10 pickup truck in the U.S. is for sale after five years of wowing competition and kicking a-double-s on the streets and drag strip. Originally created in 2014, the Larry Larson-built machine has set records and become the first-ever street-legal car to crack into the five-second quarter-mile club. It achieved that mountainous benchmark while traveling 244 miles per hour—in just 1,320 feet—making it the fastest steel vehicle ever to compete at Hot Rod’s annual Drag Week. 

The Chevy boasts a seemingly endless build sheet, which was briefly summed up in a Facebook post by Larson Race Cars. 

Highlights include twin 98-millimeter Precision turbochargers, a 620-cubic-inch Brodix block with ProLine heads, a RacePak computer and data recorder, and plenty of spares should you need extra parts to carry on with your race weekend. Everything you need to drive on public roads is included as well as a trailer to haul behind the far-from-stock Chevy.

Below is a selection of viral footage of the famed S10, ranging from quarter-mile runs to nasty street pulls:

The truck claimed fame when it was pitted against the stars of television’s Street Outlaws, winning No Prep Kings races and defeating the likes of Daddy Dave and Big Chief. Thanks to this nationwide exposure, the S10 has created a sort of legacy that one would be hard-pressed to top and simply couldn’t without having serious experience and boatloads of cash.

Speaking of money, there’s no price listed on the ad, and we’re betting “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”