GM CEO Mary Barra to Confirm Second Shift at Corvette Plant to Keep Up With C8 Demand: Report

It appears the Bowling Green Assembly Plant will get a new influx of workers, with the majority of them being relocated, laid-off employees.

byJerry Perez|
Chevrolet News photo

General Motors CEO Mary Barra is expected to visit Bowling Green, Kentucky on Thursday, April 25 to make a major announcement at the world-famous Corvette assembly plant, according to a Facebook post by the National Corvette Museum.

It's unclear at this moment what the General Motors boss, whose every action has been examined closely since last year's mass-layoff announcement, will share with Chevrolet employees tomorrow. However, rumors spread on social media and other Corvette forums seem to surround the Bowling Green plant itself, and not so much current or future Corvette models.

Considering the upcoming Corvette C8's release date has already been divulged to the public, it somewhat makes sense for tomorrow's announcement to surround employee count, production goals, a possible plant expansion, or even a major overhaul. However, Barra could also, possibly, give us a clue as to where the C8 will debut on July 18.

A snarky Facebook user quickly commented "Are they [GM] moving that production to Mexico too?" on the museum's original post. The person behind the museum's official account responded: "No, quite the opposite."

An email to the National Corvette Museum's media contact was promptly answered, but it did not reveal any specifics about tomorrow's announcement. Further leading us to believe that the announcement is in regards to the plant and not the Corvette, is the fact that Barra will be joined by GM Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing Gerald Johnson, the United Auto Workers (UAW) Vice President Terry Dites, and federal, state, and local officials, according to the original post.

The Bowling Green Assembly Plant has built every single Corvette in the world since 1981, when production was relocated to the Kentucky town from St. Louis, Missouri. Just recently it was upgraded to the tune of $349 million, mostly believed to be in retooling and preparation ahead of the C8's arrival, so it's safe to say the plant isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, there's a strong possibility that tomorrow's announcement has everything to do with laid-off employees being relocated from the Cruze facility in Lordstown, Ohio to Bowling Green.

We reached out to General Motors for comment and will update this story when we hear back.