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Listen to the Mid-Engined Chevrolet Corvette C8 Strut Its V8 Engine on the Highway

There's a healthy-sounding V8 under the hood.

The new mid-engined Chevrolet Corvette C8 is just two months from its world debut, and GM has not been afraid to drive prototypes all across the U.S. ahead of the launch. A new video has now surfaced of the C8, this time showcasing its blissful exhaust note.

According to comments on YouTube, the individual who was filming the car was travelling along highway 696 near Detroit for work when he encountered the camouflaged Corvette. After a short time, the near-silent Chevy steps on the throttle and fills the highway with the sound of its roaring engine coming to life.

The deep aggressive exhaust note make it seems fair to say that the heart of this C8 Corvette is certainly not the twin-turbo V6 that has been rumored for some time—at least not for this particular unit. Most recently, GM enthusiasts believe that the new Corvette will receive a reworked 6.2-liter LT1 V8 powerplant and produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 horsepower.

While Corvettes have historically been naturally aspirated, Chevrolet did experiment with a turbocharger back when the C3 Corvette was being developed. Its rumored that a twin-turbo powerplant might finally make its way into the highest-trimmed C8. Power goals and performance are presently unknown, though we have previously reported that GM may have been testing its flagship sports car at Virginia International Raceway, perhaps to tune and squeeze the maximum possible performance from the platform.

Speculation aside, GM will tell all at the Corvette’s launch in Orange County, California on July 18th. The automaker foresees a bright future for the platform’s biggest change to date, adding 400 jobs and a new shift to its retooled Bowling Green assembly plant in order to accommodate the expected increased demand.