The Grand Tour Will Stop Killing Its Celebrity Guests in Season 2

Visiting celebs will pilot a two-wheeled vehicle around a track instead—and no, it's not a bike.

One by one, it seems like everything that made The Grand Tour different from the gang’s shtick back at old Top Gear is falling by the wayside. Between the death of the traveling tent thanks to certain presenter ailments, and the axing of The American—the show’s one-note, walking-stereotype answer to The Stig—Season 2 of The Grand Tour is starting to look a lot like “that pokey little motoring show on BBC2” again.

The latest casualty is “Celebrity Brain Crash,” a segment that saw celebrity guests introduced and promptly killed off in the name of supposed comedy. Some saw the bit as a cheeky middle finger to the suits at the trio’s old employer who presumably won’t legally let them do their old “Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car” segment properly. Many, however, saw a bit that was (at best) mildly funny in the show’s pilot episode, but significantly less so every time it popped up in the episodes that followed. Right next to The American, it was one of The Grand Tour‘s most-criticized aspects.

In lieu of “Celebrity Brain Crash,” The Grand Tour‘s visiting celebs will go back to piloting a vehicle around a track. To presumably keep the lawyers happy, the vehicle in question will have two wheels instead of four—and no, we ain’t talking about a bike. Did you forget who hosts this show?