Watch The Grand Tour‘s Season 2 Montage

Spoiler alert: prepare yourself for a heavy dose of fast cars, exotic locales, and dad rock.

With Friday’s premiere of The Grand Tour‘s second season behind us, automotive television’s most famous trio is finally back on our screens. Amazon has now released Season 2’s montage on YouTube for the world to enjoy, serving up a taste of what viewers can expect over the next couple of months. 

While those of you who watched last week’s episode will find the clip familiar, those still on the fence over whether or not the show’s sophomore season will be worth the time and bandwidth may wanna check this out. Spoiler alert: Prepare yourself for a heavy dose of fast cars, exotic locales, and dad rock.

With scenes that consist of Hammond bursting into a what looks like a shopping mall in a Ripsaw tank, a jet-engined continuation of the gang’s long-running mission to create an amphibious car, and Hammond driving off of yet another cliff, Season 2 of The Grand Tour looks like classic Top Gear… If that show had a much bigger budget. On the car front, things look just as promising with the Bugatti Chiron, McLaren 720S, Lamborghini Huracán Performante, Kia Stinger, Ford GT, Ariel Nomad, Audi TT RS, an Aston Martin DB4 GT, Mercedes-AMG GT R, and Volkswagen Up GTI all set to make guest appearances. That nostalgia-fueled, ’90s-hypercar showdown featuring the Bugatti EB 110 and Jaguar XJ220 looks particularly enticing.

Couple all of that with a particularly strong (in my eyes, at least) first episode, and I’m optimistically looking forward to the rest of the season. The Grand Tour Season 2’s first episode is available to stream now on Amazon Video. Episodes will release weekly every Friday at midnight GMT which means if you’re reading this somewhere in America, Episode 2 should be ready in time for a Thursday night viewing.