The Grand Tour Boys Caught Filming in Croatia

Ariel Nomad and Audi TT RS set to appear in Series 2 of the Amazon Prime car show.

byChris Tsui|
<em>The Grand Tour</em> Boys Caught Filming in Croatia

Good news! It looks like Season 2 (or is it Series 2?) of The Grand Tour production is well underway. A couple of days ago, the crew formerly known as Top Gear were spotted filming in the coastal Croatian city of Zadar. While the video doesn't show much other than the cast and crew hanging out, taking a couple of pictures and shaking hands with onlooking fans, we do get to see the cars that are set to feature in this particular segment. Jeremy is seen at the helm of an Audi TT RS, Richard is in the open-air driver's seat of the frankly awesome Ariel Nomad, while James is sporting one of his signature flowery shirts and a cup of coffee (or tea, more likely). Warning: the video is vertical. I know, it pisses me off too.

Given the Audi's quattro pedigree and the Nomad's... general state of being, it looks like we have a fast-offroad shootout of some kind on our hands. We're expecting a film in the same vein as the 4C-Miata-Zenos road trip in Morocco from Series 1, but, you know, with dirt. 

Any wagers as to what the third car driven by James might be?