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The Grand Tour Café Lets You Take Their Couches for a Spin

If you are looking to drink your morning cup of Joe in peace, the Grand Tour Café may not be for you.

Sometimes the best form of advertising is implementing a good PR stunt. To celebrate the second season of The Grand Tour, which launches Friday on Amazon Prime Video, one New York City café decided to make things interesting. For those who are familiar with and religiously watch The Grand Tour, you know that the show can take something ordinary and turn it into an extraordinary adventure. This café did just that.

The Grand Tour’s latest attempt to keep fans on the edges of their seats comes in the form of a coffee shop in the West Village of Manhattan. Anyone who lives in the city knows that coffee shops are all the rage, and are also a dime a dozen. This one, however, takes the cake. We’re not just talking about fancy decor or elevated flavors. We’re talking motorized coffee tables and armchairs with enough space for everyone to hop on one and participate in a bumper car-esque scenario. 

Some of the pieces of furniture were actually electric go-karts in disguise, and helmets were being used too. Once the controllers came out, the empty café floor turned into a full-on racing circuit. The actual customers in the establishment appear to be stunned, but they didn’t hesitate to join in on the “caffeine-filled fun” when invited. 

The entire idea behind this stunt was to emphasize the importance of having fun and that driving a vehicle of any sort can provide that satisfaction. As they say, it’s about the smiles per gallon and not the miles per gallon. 

Before you decide your feelings on this, just remember that this is exactly what happens when you put the infamous trio of hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May together. With that taken into account, you can’t be surprised by antics like these. Take a look at the video and see it for yourself. The most amazing part might actually be the faces and reactions of those sitting around in bewilderment.