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11-Year-Old Boy Boosts Cement Truck, Joyrides For Hours

Ah, youth.

Guess those reports that Generation Z wants to drive were right on the money. Over the weekend, an 11-year-old boy jacked a cement truck and proceeded to bomb around two Minnesota towns for more than an hour, blasting down back roads and through residential neighborhoods, slamming into police cars along the way.

“I betcha he drove around town 6 or 7 different times,” local resident Troy Flatness told KTTC. “He was smiling, hooting and hollering…he was having a good time.”

According to KTTC, the boy—whose name has not been released—stole the truck around 3 p.m. from a contractor who had left the keys inside. A state trooper attempted to pull the truck over for speeding on Minnesota Highway 14, but the boy took off, running into the officer’s car in the process. He then led officers on a chase down gravel roads near the town of Kasson, with speeds reaching 70 mph, before doubling back towards Dodge Center. Police managed to take out one of the truck’s front tires, but that didn’t stop the underage driver, who kept on blasting through the suburban streets well after the rubber had been worn down to the rim.

The chase finally came to an end on 5th Street in Dodge Center, when the boy found his truck boxed in; he attempted to flee on foot, but was captured and arrested. He was sent off to a youth detention facility for holding, where, we imagine, he was hoisted onto the shoulders of the other juvenile delinquents and given a rowdy hero’s welcome for his derring-do.