11-Year-Old Boy Invents Device To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

What did you do when you were 11?

byMax Goldberg|
11-Year-Old Boy Invents Device To Prevent Hot Car Deaths

11-year-old boys are known for getting muddy, making poop jokes and falling off their bikes. But not all boys are the same, fortunately that sometimes results in caring and smart children like Bishop Curry. This young man watched a news report about a year ago about a 6-month-old child who died from beingleft in a hot car. Rather than having the attention span of a goldfish and returning to making mischief, Curry sought out to make an invention to prevent such tragedies.

He first started off by making a fan that was located on the front headrest facing a car seat that turned on when the interior of the car met a certain temperature. Instead of leaving things there, Curry further improved the device by installing a GPS device to detect when the car came to a stop as well as wifi to notify the parents that they left their child in the car.

With the help of his father, Bishop has reached out to several car seat manufacturers who have expressed interest in the device. Although the device is fairly crude in design at the moment, we have no doubt Bishop will smooth out the detail before his teens.

Bishop Curry even has a GoFundMe campaign for the device that we highly recommend you check out.