13-Year-Old Florida Boy Steals Unsuspecting Old Lady's Car at Gunpoint, Leads Police on Chase

Pretty sure we were still making skid marks with out bicycles at 13, not committing felonies.

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Your early teens can be a hard time for a boy. Puberty is setting in, your face looks like a pizza, you are rapidly growing so your coordination is off, the list goes on. Most of us released our confusing emotions through punk music, skateboarding and other "rebellious" behavior. I was a big fan of longboarding and going as fast as I could with something on wheels.

Unfortunately, a 13 year-old boy from Columbia County has a different way of expressing himself and it involves grand theft auto. According to the startled car owner, the boy approached her, asked for a ride and when she refused, he returned several minutes later with a gun. After getting into the vehicle and failing to start the car, the owner entered the vehicle in attempts to take the keys. It was at that point in time that the boy got the vehicle started and told the owner he would kill her if she attempted to exit.

Man Steals Cop Car, Live Videos the Ensuing Chase On Facebook
The Drive

As you can see in the dashcam video, the boy sped off with officers in pursuit. At one point an officer initiated a PIT maneuver, immobilizing the vehicle and bring the chase to an end. Officers yanked the boy out of the driver's seat and escorted the shaken passenger away. 

To put things into perspective, most 13 year olds (well at least me) haven't even had their first kiss yet, never mind allegedly committed an armed grand theft auto.